Music Tuition
Instrumental tuition for beginners and upwards on the following: pianoforte / keyboards, clarinet, flute, trumpet/cornet, recorder, saxophone, percussion, singing.
All students are encouraged to practice regularly & to perform in school and other concerts throughout the year.
Examinations are also very important and the school regularly enters students for exams with ABRSM, LCM & TCM. To date the school is proud to have a 100% pass rate.
Music Technology
EMS also specializes in Music Technology and has provided many schools with state of the art systems to enable students to take full advantage of the ICT suites that many schools now have.

Extended School Activities
Excel offers music tuition outside of regular school hours also. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about this. More information can be found at the Extended School Activities web site.

Students with Special Needs
The school specializes in providing students with moderate to severe Special Educational Needs the opportunity to take part in a large variety of musical activities.
Advisory Capacity for Schools
Throughout the school’s life it has, in addition to providing instrumental and classroom tuition, helped many schools in an advisory capacity to raise both the standards in music as well as The Performing Arts generally. This has involved working at all key stage levels. The school has contributed a great deal to many highly successful school productions and concerts. The company has received many pleasing reports from both HMI & OFSTED.