Steve's Page

He feels very honoured at being asked to officiate as organist at many events including weddings, for which he has played for hundreds. He recalls the story when a bride was nearly an hour late and he spent the time entertaining the congregation with some rather unorthodox organ music! In April 2006 he was asked to play for a friend’s wedding at which he was asked to perform his own arrangement of “The Best Of Bond” which he says was very well received by everyone including the vicar!!

Commercial Recordings
Stephen has made two commercial recordings one of which was on the Wurlitzer Organ in Blackpool Tower’s Magnificent Ballroom the other on the Wurlitzer Organ in his native Burton On Trent Town Hall. He is desperately trying to get his hands on the World’s Largest Pipe Organ which is situated in the former John Wannamaker Store, Philadelphia, USA


Stephen also enjoys putting pen to paper and composing & arranging his own music which he says comes as naturally as breathing! he remarked, “I get inspiration from the strangest things, however if lyrics are needed they pose more of a problem and I try whenever possible to delegate!”

This comes from the man who, when handing in some music exam coursework that had been prepared over several months, was asked where the 3rd composition was, to which he replied, I didn’t realise there needed to be three!! He went away, wrote a composition in just under an hour and subsequently got the highest mark for; yes you’ve guessed it, the third composition!!

South Derbyshire Organ Trust

He has recently undertaken a new role as the advisor & treasurer for the newly founded South Derbyshire Organ Trust. This is a charity that installs redundant pipe organs into new premises and creates musical opportunities for local youngsters who might not otherwise have the chance to experience the thrill of playing “The King Of Instruments”.


Stephen never ceases to amaze anyone particularly when he dons his lederhosen and participates with the “World Famous Karl’s Bavarian Brass” a Bavarian Umpah Band who have also made numerous TV appearances and UK wide appearances. This he says is a little light relief from the monotony of everyday life and as Tim Brooke-Taylor once commented, “You encourage a lot of respectable people to behave very badly!!”


When asked who has inspired him over the years the list is quite large, it includes: His Family, Elton John, (Stephen would love to play a two piano duet with him!) Phil Kelsall, (he is responsible for introducing Stephen, age 6 to the Wurlitzer Cinema Organ!) his first piano teacher, Clive Miller, his pipe organ teacher, Clive Ratcliffe and last but no means least JS Bach!